Our Story

Two lifelong friends who always dreamed of nothing but starting a jewelry business together, is not our story.  We’re just two lifelong friends who grew up together in the suburbs of Philly, remained close throughout college, lived together in NYC, and ended up moving two towns away from each other in NJ.  We simply had a hobby, some passion and a whole lot of crazy to take on a business while raising young families.  We’re Jaime and Alli and this is GoodJaJa Beads – kind of like Good JuJu, but J(aime) and A(lli). GoodJaJa started as a downtime activity, experimenting with beads and cords, making bracelets we loved for friends and family. After posting some of our favorite creations on Instagram, GoodJaJa has since become a full-on passion project.  We aim at producing high-quality, everyday jewelry and giving back to a very close personal cause. A portion of all proceeds goes directly to SuperHearts, in affiliation with the Children’s Heart Foundation.  When Jaime’s oldest son was 7 weeks old, he was diagnosed with a rare congenital heart defect called Complete AV Canal. From that day on, her mission was to give back to the CHD community however she could. So when we say we put our heart and souls directly into our jewelry, it’s literally true.   We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.  Stay tuned as our story continues to unfold. 
Jaime & Alli